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What We Do

Distributer Tax Services (DTS) provides distributors with accounting and tax service packages at the lowest cost possible. DTS will handle your payroll, payroll filings, bookkeeping, and federal and state tax returns—allowing you to take care of running your route worry free.


In our setup process we will file on your behalf all of the required registration processes for the federal and state in order to pay and file your federal and state payroll taxes and unemployment taxes.

We will set you up with our 3rd party payroll partner and we will help you to determine your "reasonable salary". Your payroll check will be direct deposited to your personal account on a weekly basis. Anytime you want to change your salary or withholdings you can. Your payroll taxes will be deducted when you run your payroll.

They will file all of your quarterly payroll reports and annual reports and W2 forms.

You will provide us your route expenses on your DTS Expense Sheet. We will assist you in obtaining your gross Revenue from your supplier. We will also post your payroll information from the payroll service.

We have a onetime setup fee and a small weekly charge.

See our “Getting Started” section on how to get the process started.

We look forward to working with you and to help you prosper in your business.

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