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  • Administration Fee

  • Bank Charges

  • Bread Donations

  • Franchise Payment

  • Office Supplies

  • Postage

  • Professional Fees

  • Warehouse Rent

  • Supplies

  • Tag, Taxes, and License

  • Telephone

  • Uncredited Stales

  • Truck Gas and Oil

  • Truck Repairs and Maintenance

  • Truck Lease

  • Truck Rental

  • Truck Insurance

  • Other Truck Expenses i.e Washes

  • Relief Driver


Uniforms — To be deductible , the cost and upkeep of uniforms and special clothing must: be required for employment and must not be suitable for everyday wear.

Special shoes, shirts, ties, hats, with a company logo or other clothing designed strictly for the workplace are deductible along with protective clothing such as safety boots and work gloves.

Outside Help — Anyone you pay to help you with loading, delivery, or pullups is a deductible expense.  However, any individual you pay $600 or more, the IRS requires you to provide them with a 1099 form.

Meals —Your daily meals are not deductible. You may deduct 50% of the cost of meals when you meet with someone such as a store manager to discuss business.

Personal Auto Expense — Using your personal auto (not your bread truck) to travel to stores for pullups or call backs is a deductible expense. Report your mileage and we will deduct this cost at the rate set by the IRS.

Home Office — The IRS allows you to deduct an amount for home office cost. You must have an area set aside and used exclusively for your home office. Report to us the square footage of your office and we can deduct $5 per square foot. 


Below is the monthly Expense Report for you to fill out and submit.


Download it here: OPERATING-EXPENSE

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